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Kinky Boots                Lauren                                               Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

Bright Star                  Lucy                                                   Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

SNF                               Ensemble, U/S Stephanie               Derby Dinner Playhouse             Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

Christmas Story         Ensemble                                          Derby Dinner Playhouse             Matthew Brennan, Heather Folsom 

Camelot                       Female Swing (performed)             Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

Shrek the Musical      Shoemaker’s Elf/ Duloc/Rat          Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

Clue the Musical        Female Swing   (performed)           Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

My Way                        Woman #1                                         Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz, Heather Folsom

Lend Me A Tenor       U/S Maria, Maggie, Dianna            Derby Dinner Playhouse              Lee Buckholz

Regional Theater

Shrek the Musical              Ensemble/u/s Fiona               Boston Conservatory                    Laura Marie Duncan, Larry Sousa

Rabbit Plantation               Adele (lead)                              Boston Conservatory                    Lucy Austin

The Frogs                            Ensemble                                  Boston Conservatory                    Larry Sousa

Choreography Showcase  Dancer/Dir./Chor.                  Boston Conservatory                    Michelle Chassé (advisor) 

The Drowsy Chaperone   The Chaperone                        Youth Performing Arts School    Georgette Kleier, Gail Benedict

The America Project         Ensemble                                  Edinburgh Fringe Festival           Georgette Kleier, Katie Blackerby

The Cradle Will Rock        Ensemble                                  Boston Conservatory                    Doug Lockwood

Educational Theater


THE BOSTON CONSERVATORY AT BERKLEE BFA in Musical Theater with Songwriting Emphasis

       Emphasis in Songwriting; Student Programming & Outreach Representative on Berklee SGA;


       Acting: Kate Amory, Doug Lockwood, Andrea Southwick, Paul Daigneault (MT)

       Voice and Speech: Bryn Austin, Paul D’Agostino, Joy Lamberton-Arcolano, Angela Gooch (current voice teacher)

       Dance: Larry Sousa, Michelle Chassé, Aaron Tolson, David Connolly, Dean Vollick, Clyde Nantais 

YOUTH PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL Musical Theater Major (magnet high school)

        Instructors: Gail Benedict, Katie Blackerby, Georgette Kleier, Tim Murner 


FOLSOM ACADEMY OF THE ARTS Dance, Voice, Musical Theater

        Instructors: Heather Paige Folsom

DIALECTS: RP, British, Southern, German, Scottish 

INSTRUMENTS: guitar (advanced), piano (beginning)

MUSIC: songwriting, sight-singing, intricate harmonies, improv harmony & scat

OTHER: driver’s license in KY, juggling, clowning experience, customer service, student government, bartending experience, can make a mean Brussel sprout 

Special Skills 

Taylor Thomas Headshot 2020.jpg

Taylor Thomas


Alto (with high belt)/ Soprano

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